5 Things You Can Do To Honor Mom


If you’re running short on time and creativity, here are five things you can do to show love to the mothers in your life.

Give her a full day of rest

Moms are very busy ladies. They take care of the kids and their husbands – some even care for aging parents. Many of them hold down jobs outside the home and also have volunteer and church obligations. A mom’s day is never fully done. Show her you care and honor her sacrifice by giving her a day of R & R. Whether it is a lavish spa day where she is pampered from head to toe, or as simple as taking the kids out of the home and letting her lounge in her pjs binge watching her favorite TV shows, she’s sure to appreciate time to herself to relax.

Bring the family together

Who does mom love to spend time with more than her family? This one is especially good for those empty nest moms who cherish every moment they can get with their kids and grandkids. Plan a day where the entire family comes together to spend quality time. It can be a picnic in the park, the kids making dinner, or a popcorn and movie night. The connectedness will make her nostalgic of times when the house was full and the warmth of love abounded.

Plan a get-a-way

Whisk her away! A change of scenery is always a refreshing reprieve from the mundane every day routine. Weekend trips are fun, quick ways to get away. Or plan a longer retreat to a place she’s always wanted to go. Either way, the thought is what counts. Make it all about her and make sure it is stress-free.

Honor God

If she loves God (and we know she does), honoring Him with her will definitely warm her heart. Take time to pray or study the Bible with mom. If you don’t usually attend church with her, join her (without her dragging you). It will mean a lot to her for you to spend time doing something she loves.

Spend the day with her

Nothing beats quality time with the ones you love. Time is irreplaceable and priceless. Be fully present with her. Put your cell phone down and give mom your undivided attention. It can be as simple as being her chauffeur while she runs errands or going with her on her morning walk. Whatever she wants to do, it is her day. Honor her with the very best of you by giving her your time. After all, it is you who she cherishes.

Prayers for Moms


In the week leading up to Mother’s Day, join us in praying for moms and the mother-figures in your life.  Each day, we will focus on specific areas of prayer including: love, joy, peace, health and healing, protection, provision, and wisdom.


Heavenly Father, I pray for Your all-encompassing peace over ____________(place their name here); Your peace which is not dictated by circumstances.  I pray for Your peace that transcends ____________’s (place their name here) understanding.  When she is anxious or worried, I pray she remembers You are her only Source of genuine peace.  I pray that You, the Lord of Peace, will give ____________ (place their name here) peace like a river that flows at all times. In Jesus’ Mighty Name I pray. (John 14:27; Philippians 4:4-7;  2 Thess. 3:16; Isaiah 66:12)


Heavenly Father, we know that it is in You that we find joy.  Even in our most challenging times, we can have joy because You are with us.  In Your presence we find fullness of joy.  Lord I pray that ____________’s (place their name here) countenance radiates Your joy.  Your joy is her strength.  Father, I pray  ____________will be joyful always.  In the Wonderful Name of Jesus I pray. (Psalm 16:11; Nehemiah 8:10; 1 Thess. 5:16-18).


Heavenly Father, it is in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ that I lift up ____________ (place their name here).  Lord I pray for her protection and in accordance with Your Word, I pray that You will guard her from every evil and guard her very life; guard her when she leaves her home and when she returns.  Lord please guard her now and guard her always. Lord, be her fortress, strength, shield, and her stronghold.  I pray she dwells in the shadow of Your wings.  In the Precious Name of Jesus, I pray.  (Psalms 18:2-3, 91:1-2, 121:8; Deuteronomy 31:8; Psalms 23).


Heavenly Father, I pray for ____________ (place their name here).  Father, give her the spirit of wisdom and revelation so that the eyes of her understanding will be enlightened and that she will know the hope of her calling.  I pray that ____________ (place their name here) will continue to grow in wisdom.  Help her to always seek Your wisdom in every action and in the decisions she makes.  I thank You that in doing so, the way ____________ (place their name here) lives will always honor and please You.  In Jesus’ Name I pray.

(Ephesians 1:17-18; Colossians 1:9-10)


Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your unfailing ad unparallel love.  No love is greater; no love compares to Your love. I pray that ____________ (place their name here) is deeply rooted in Your love and that she knows that nothing is able to separate her from Your love which is in Christ Jesus.  I pray that Your love surrounds and covers her. I pray that ____________ (place their name here) experiences the banner of Your love over her today and every day. May ____________ (place their name here) know she is deeply loved by You.  In the Name of Jesus, I pray. (1 John 4:16; Ephesians 3:18; Romans 8:39).


Gracious  Heavenly Father, You are the Creator and Giver of all good things.  I pray for provision for ____________ (place their name here).  You promise to provide and to meet all of her needs – daily.  I pray that ____________ (place their name here) will bring all of her worries and concerns and cast them on You, with confidence that You will provide. Lord You are Faithful and You watch over Your Word to perform it. Thank you for providing every need in ____________’s (place their name here) life.  In Jesus’ Name.  (James 1:17; 1 Peter 5:7; Philippians 4:19; Jeremiah 1:12)

Health and Healing:

Heavenly Father, I pray for prosperity and good health for ____________ (place their name here).  I pray that she is healthy and whole in her body, her mind, and her emotions as she is strong in spirit.  I ask You, Lord Jesus, to give her rest for her soul.  If she is tired, overwhelmed or burned out, I pray ____________ (place their name here) comes to You and receives real rest.  In The Name of Jesus, Our Healer.  (3 John 2; Matthew 11:28-29).

Special Prayer for Those Who Have Lost Their Moms: 

Father, we thank you so much for the life of ______________(place the mom’s name here). We are grateful for the time that she spent with us and the life lessons she bestowed. It is not always easy to find peace now that she is no longer here, God. Please give me (or place their name here) strength and a renewed sense of joy. We know that the joy of the Lord is our strength. We also believe in you as a healer of broken hearts.  Thank You, Father, for sending the Holy Spirit to comfort, counsel, help, intercede for, defend, strengthen and stand by _________________ in this time of grief and sorrow. In Jesus’s name we pray.  (Nehemiah 8:10; Psalm 147:3; John 14:26).

Death is Not the End of the Story

Easter is the time believers come together to celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Jesus’ last three days on earth models for us how to handle pain and how to behave on the worst days of our lives. His death validates His identity and proves there is life after death.  In Pastor Brady’s message, we learn that there is so much more to the story.


Scripture Texts:

  • 1 Peter 2:21-22
  • Matthew 26:36-39
  • Mark 14:35


Sermon Discussion Questions:


  • What did you learn in today’s message about Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection that you did not know beforehand?


  • Pastor Brady shares the last three days of Jesus’ life, what each day represents, and she reminds us that in life we go through all three days – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. What day is it in your life?  How will you pattern what Jesus did in our own life?


The Last Three Days of Jesus:

  • Friday – a time of pain, suffering and great agony.
  • Saturday – a time of loss, grief, confusion and doubt.
  • Sunday – a time of great joy, celebration, a time of victory and triumph.


  • Read Matthew 26:36-46 and Mark 14:32-42. Facing His darkest hours, Jesus gathers His eleven closest friends.  In dark times, how do people typically respond?


  • In your life, who do you consider a close, “real” friend? In gratitude for their friendship, how can you “thank them for being a friend”?


  1. b) Who can count on you, “ride or die” to be a “real” friend when their life is “hanging in the balance”?


  • In His prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, “the Olive Garden,” what does Jesus model for you in His prayer? (See Matthew 26:39 and Mark 14:35-36).


  • Have you ever had so much pain that you abandoned, deserted, or walked away from God? From your experience, what would you share with someone who is in pain, is contemplating walking way or has walked away from God?


  • What is the “Law of Christ’? (Reference Matthew 22:35-40). Give some examples of how we can obey the “Law of Christ” and love our neighbors?


  • How has Jesus’ death and resurrection affected you personally?


  • Jesus is our example of extreme suffering, anguish, and pain. How do you customarily handle your deepest pain?  What will you do differently after hearing today’s message?


Other Scripture References:

  • Galatians 6:2
  • Hebrews 2:18
  • Hebrews 4:15
















Into Your Hands The 7 Last Sayings of Jesus

Seven Last Sayings of Jesus - Into Your Hands

“Father, into your hands I commit my spirit”(Luke 23:46).

With the bowing of His head, Jesus utters his seventh saying.   He calls out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” When he said these final words, he breathed his last breath (Luke 23:46).

All four gospel writers record Jesus as giving up His life of His own accord. His life was not taken from Him (John 10: 17-18). He gave His life voluntarily, as an act of His will, and in harmony with His Father’s will.

The last words of Jesus correspond to the prayer that Jewish mothers taught their children to say before going to sleep. This prayer is an expression of total trust in God. It comes from a psalm in which King David puts his future into the hands of the Lord with the certainty that God will act in his favor (Psalm 31:16).

NOTE:  Jesus’ first and last words from the cross were a prayer to His Father.

Your Response

We have all sinned (Romans 3:23) and deserve God’s wrath.  He loves us so much that He sent His only Son to satisfy the judgment that should fall on us.   Jesus, died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve.  If you truly believe that Jesus is the Son of God, Who died on the Cross, and was resurrected from the dead, you will be saved from judgment and will spend eternity with Him in Heaven.

Consider all that Jesus endured on the cross for your sake.  What is your response?

It Is Finished The 7 Last Sayings of Jesus

Seven Last Sayings of Jesus - It Is Finished

“It is finished” (John 19:30)

“A jar of sour wine was sitting there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put it on a hyssop branch, and held it up to his lips. 30 When Jesus had tasted it, he said, “It is finished!” Then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit” (John 19:29-30 NLT).

The sixth saying that Jesus speaks from the Cross is, “It is finished” (John 19:30).  Jesus utters these final words with a loud, triumphant shout.

Three Gospel writers mention that Jesus cries out just before dying, but only John reports what Jesus says.  The Greek word for “it is finished” is the single word “telelestai” which was used in business transactions.  When applied, this word signified the completion of a transition, discharge of a debt with complete payment.  Today it would indicate a debt paid in full.  Christ’ death paid the debt for all of humanity.  Having paid the price, Jesus declares, “It is finished.”

Jesus proclaims that His redemptive work was finished.

Reflective Questions:

  • Why was it important for Jesus to complete His mission on the Cross?
  • What does Jesus’ death on the Cross accomplish for you?
  • Jesus was fully aware and committed to His mission here on earth. What is your life’s mission?  In one sentence, write your life’s mission statement.

I Thirst The 7 Last Sayings of Jesus

Seven Sayings of Jesus - I Thirst

“I thirst” (John 19:28)

Later, knowing that everything had now been finished, and so that Scripture would be fulfilled, Jesus said, “I am thirsty.” 29 A jar of wine vinegar was there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put the sponge on a stalk of the hyssop plant, and lifted it to Jesus’ lips.” (John 19:28-29 NLT).

As the moment of His death draws near, with presumably a dry mouth and parched lips, Jesus cries out “I am thirsty” (John 19:28 NLT).  He asks for something to drink.  Most important is the timing of His fifth statement from the Cross.  Jesus speaks after knowing his mission is complete and He speaks in accordance with Scripture (Psalms 69:21).  Fully aware that all things are now accomplished and with little energy to speak, Jesus makes His final request.

A sponge is soaked with wine vinegar, a sour wine, and raised on a hyssop branch to Jesus’ mouth. Hyssop was used in sprinkling the blood of the lamb on the doorpost at the original Passover (Exodus 12:22).  Vinegar is not a satisfying drink but was used by Roman soldiers to quench their thirst.  Jesus, the Lamb of God, receives the drink which enables Him to speak His next words.

Reflective Questions:

  • How does it encourage you to know that Jesus, “the Man of sorrows” understands your suffering, temptations, and your physical and emotional pain?
  • What are you longing for? Because of what Jesus experienced on the Cross, you don’t have to thirst.  Have you received the “water of life” that Jesus gives?
  • Today, set aside some time to drink deeply of the life that Jesus gives through the Holy Spirit and through the Word of God. How will you respond?

Why Have You Forsaken Me? The 7 Last Sayings of Jesus

Seven Sayings of Jesus - Why Have You Forsaken Me

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46; Mark 15:34).

Out of the darkness comes the cry of Jesus’ fourth saying on the cross.  He experienced the physical and mental agony of the most painful form of execution – death by crucifixion.  Jesus was fully God and He was also fully man.  Hanging on the Cross, He  became a  sin offering for the world (2 Corinthians 5:21).  In bearing our sin, Jesus experienced  a separation from His heavenly Father  that He had never experienced.  He endured the spiritual separation from God the Father, so that we don’t ever have to be separated from God.

Our loving Savior, the Son of God, willingly became our sin and took the Father’s wrath upon Himself.  Unable to bear the separation any longer, Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” which means “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” (Matthew 27:46; Mark 15:34 NLT).  Jesus quotes Psalm 22:1 and Mark records Jesus words in Aramaic, language of the common people. Because He was once separated and felt alone, He can now empathize with us when we may feel abandoned.

Reflective Questions:

  • When experiencing the sense of being all alone and feeling that no one understands or cares, how does what Jesus accomplished on the Cross encourage you?
  • Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you a person in your circle of influence who may feel alone and need a friend. How will you show them the love of Christ?

Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise The 7 Last Sayings of Jesus

Last Seven Sayings of Jesus - Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise

“…today you will be with me in Paradise” (Luke 23:43).

One of the two condemned criminals hanging on a cross beside Jesus confesses his guilt, attests to Jesus’ innocence, and makes a request of Jesus (Luke 23:40-42).  This statement of faith leads to the second utterance of Jesus on the Cross.

With a promise, Jesus responds “I assure you, today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23: 43 NLT).  Admittedly, this criminal did not deserve salvation nor did he earn it.  Hanging from a cross, the condemned man was unable to do good works; however, Jesus promises what no human efforts can guarantee – a place in His Kingdom.

The sorrowful criminal’s confession demonstrates it is not our good works that save us, but faith in Christ.  Jesus responds to the undeserving with mercy and with grace.   Jesus promises all who repent and believe in Him will have a secure place with Him in Paradise.

Reflective Questions:

  • What do you believe about Christ?
  • Where will you spend eternity?
  • Are you extending grace and mercy to others, even if you feel that they may not deserve it? 

Father Forgive Them The 7 Last Sayings of Jesus

Last Seven Sayings of Jesus - "Father forgive them, they know not what they do."Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing  – Luke 23:34 (NASB)

When mistreated or misunderstood, our first instinct or response is usually not forgiveness.  Jesus’ first words – in response to the mocking and insults from people He loved and gave His life for – are simply, “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34 NASB).

During the first three hours of His crucifixion, during inconceivable horror, and great agony, the Son of God speaks words of compassion and makes a petition, asking the Father to forgive those who insulted, rejected, and were crucifying Him.

Setting the example on the Cross, Jesus’ petition for forgiveness empowers us to forgive ourselves and others who have hurt us.

Reflective Questions:

  • How does Jesus model forgiveness in Luke 23:34? What offenses do you need to forgive?
  • The Cross means different things to people in the gospel accounts. What does the Cross mean to you?
  • There is nothing you can do to make yourself right with God. You can be forgiven of all your sin and receive eternal life by trusting in Christ’s death on your behalf. How will you respond?

The Supply Lines of Hope

Continuing our “Hope” series, Pastor Brady reminds us of why we need to be and how to be intentional in building hope in our lives.  From the first of seven life practices in building hope, she gives further details on how to recharge our battery by connecting to four supply lines.  Drawing insight from the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 4, Pastor Brady also gives four common causes of loneliness which can lead to hopelessness.


Scripture References:

Psalm 71:5

2 Timothy 4:6-18


Seven Life Practices to Build Hope:


  1. Recharge your battery.
  2. Raise your expectations.
  3. Refocus on your future.
  4. Play to your strengths.
  5. Refuse to go it alone.
  6. Be aware of burnout.
  7. Play a great defense.



Sermon Discussion Questions:

  1. In her message, how does Pastor Brady define “discouragement”?


  1. What reasons does Pastor Brady give to explain why we cannot lose hope? In contrast, what happens when hope thrives?


  1. What daily activities drain you of your energy? Who in your circle of influence drain you?  What must you do to keep from being depleted and from “crashing and burning”?


  1. Pastor Brady points out what happens when we are running on empty. What happens physiologically to you?


  1. How do you recharge after you burn out?


  1. Recall Pastor Brady’s “Chick-Fil-A” scenario and referencing Hebrews 11:1. What from the scenario represents hope?  What represents faith?


  1. Review the seven life practices for building hope. Which do you need to put into practice to raise your hope in seemingly impossible situations?


  1. What activities, hobbies, or interest refuel, refresh, and energize you? How can you do more of these things?


  1. Who are the people in your life who encourage you, support you, and cheer you on? What will you do to invest in these relationships?
  2. Four (4) things Pastor Brady gives to put into practice to recharge, refuel, and to build supply lines in your life include: 1) investing in your own spiritual growth.  2) Developing  an understanding of the power of authentic worship.  3)  Unleashing the Word of God in your life.  4)  Investing in great relationships.  For each, what will you do to recharge and to refuel this week?
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